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Kevin Shipley

Partner at Gilbert's LLP, Chair and Advisory Board at Ontario Engineering Competition, RIC Centre Advisor at RIC Centre

Kevin Shipley is an engineer, patent agent, lawyer, trusted advisor and (self-professed) all around good guy. Enroute to Gilbert’s, Kevin obtained degrees in mechanical engineering, economics and law, and has spent several years honing his craft and developing a practice based on patent prosecution and IP portfolio strategy and management. Kevin also has significant experience in large-scale freedom to operate and product launch/clearance projects (to avoid getting into trouble) as well as aggressive patent portfolio mining and offensive patent filing projects (to create trouble for competitors). He also opines on patent validity and infringement, and provides advice relating to IP licenses, confidentiality agreements and other IP-related agreements. Having been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug (but not quite enough to quit his day job) Kevin scratches his entrepreneurial itch by focusing a portion of his practice on working with start-up companies, and has worked with and provided support to a number of start-up incubators in South Western Ontario (including RIC Centre, ICube, Communitech, Impact Centre, DFZ and the like). For these clients, Kevin provides assistance with developing early stage and ongoing IP strategy, identifying commercially relevant innovations and securing registered IP rights, leveraging and licensing IP assets for commercial advantage and generally serves as a sounding board for business strategy development. To stay connected to his engineering roots, and to try to re-live his youth, Kevin currently serves as Chair of the Ontario Engineering Competition Advisory Board which supports the planning and execution of an annual, province-wide undergraduate engineering competition. When away from his computer, Kevin enjoys all things home theatre related, and is an avid dabbler in smart home/ IoT related gadgets – some of which he can actually get to work! He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons, who are less interested in Intellectual Property and instead prefer playing catch, building Lego and reading books about trucks or super heroes.