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Negar Mokhtarnia

Marketing and customer engagement specialist

Negar is an experienced strategy and marketing professional with a strong track record of transforming data into actionable insights and achieving extraordinary results. Her strong background in analytics from my engineering background has enabled me to redefine use of data in a variety of industries and develop new methodologies. She graduated from the Rotman School of Business which is the top MBA program in Canada with a focus in strategy, entrepreneurship and consulting. During her MBA, she also assisted in delivery of a number of courses in marketing and operations to both undergraduate and graduate students. In her last role, she managed all aspects of the Esso Extra loyalty program including strategy, execution, marketing and analytics. In that role, she analyzed customer’s interactions with our programs and devised plans to increase their engagement either through innovative marketing campaigns or state of the art technology investments. She also led a team of analytics professionals who redefined the depth of customer intelligence in a loyalty program. She is constantly trying to learn, whether it is from industry SMEs in loyalty and marketing or online certificates in novel analytics methodologies. She looks for opportunities to challenge herself and grow.