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Neil Wainwright

Founder and CEO at UpHabit, Board Member at Peerscale, G7 Founder and Associate at Creative Destruction Lab, Board Co-Chair of the SIIA Software &Services Division

Experienced technology executive, with combination of business acumen and technical depth developed  through  roles  at  large multi-national  organizations  and  smaller,  entrepreneurial ventures, has leveraged strong insightful decision-making to create profitable growth. Proven leadership capabilities, communication, motivation and team-building skills have been honed in functional areas of sales, marketing, engineering, professional services, finance and human resources.  Experienced in SaaS and mobilesystem design and support. Have worked on both sides of acquisitions. Industry experience in mission-critical banking, insurance, accounting, legal, software, warehousing and logistics industries.  Has earned a reputation for delivering high  quality  systems  on  time  and  with  market-leading  features  by  focusing  on  system architecture for growth, stability, but most importantly, customer needs.