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Paul Martin

Chemical process development expert

Process development consultant, project manager, designer and constructor of modular pilot- and demonstration-scale plants for the chemical process industries. These are often the very first plants of their type ever constructed. Broad project experience from microreactors to demonstration-scale semi-works plants. Extensive experience with hydrometallurgical, polymer and alternative fuels projects at phases from concept through to commercialization. Program management responsibilities including operations, professional staff recruitment and training etc. Process development and innovation experience including four granted US patents. Elected director of a 12,000 member advocacy and member services organization. Specialties: process tech development, project management, engineering recruiting, skills development and group management, manufacturing, alternative energy, alternative fuels, biofuels, hydrogen, polymers, petroleum refining, heavy oil upgrading, hydrometallurgy, water treatment, selection of materials for corrosion service, prototyping, research apparatus design, piping design, business operations, policy development. Please note that I follow LinkedIn's policy of only making connections with people I have corresponded or have done business with. Feel free to send me messages but I don't accept connections with people I don't know.