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Titu Botos

Founder and CEO of NeuronicWorks

Titu Botos is the CEO of NeuronicWorks and has held various positions in leading organizations like Exploranium, MDA (formerly SPAR Aerospace), Vishay Precision Group (formerly KELK) and has also held teaching positions at University of Timisoara. He has over 30 years of experience in analysis, design, testing and debugging of both analog and digital systems and has a strong background in engineering research and training. His experience spans across electronic technologies, from industrial environments to space applications, instrumentation to control, and ultra-low power (uW) to high-power (KW) systems. He displays a depth of knowledge across multiple technical areas in both existing and emerging technologies. Titu holds a Ph.D. in Mobile Robots Guidance, a Master of Science in Instrumentation of Electronic Measurements field, and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering.