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Vandhana Mohanraj

Financial Coach at FemmeFinance

Vandhana is a big Data technology enthusiast with a passion for driving innovation in financial services and startups . She have worked across all stages of SDLC with over 10 years experience in Project Management,Product Management,Business Analysis and Software Development. In addition she bring to the table her insights gained from her multi-cultural experience of working and collaborating with people from across India,Sweden,Netherlands and Canada. She believes that learning ends the moment you are in your comfort zone and she constantly challenges herself to ensure that never happens. Vandhana is interested in connecting with people who are in Technology, Financial Services, Fintech or Startups. She is also actively engaged in causes supporting LGBTQ rights and female empowerment. She would love to connect with other people involved in these causes. Specialties: AGILE,Innovation,Program Management,Project Management,Product Development,User Experience,Business Analysis,Cross cultural team work,Fintech,Financial Services Interests: Business Design,Financial Services,Technology,Startups