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Modly wins 2013 Lacavera Prize for Entrepreneurship

Hatchery team Modly won the Lacavera Prize for Entrepreneurship for their development of a modular lighting system for use by photographers.

The award, with a cash prize of $20,000 has been given to Anastasiya Martyts (EngSci 1T6) and Tiange Li (Life Sciences 1T6) after their official Hatchery Demo Day presentation, describing their stackable, affordable and multi-functional photographic lighting system targeted at amateur and experimental photographers who seek flexibility and variety within their lighting systems.

The idea behind the product was initially developed Tiange, who as an amateur photographer, saw the need for easy-to-use and versatile tool for creating desired lighting effects for his work.

The team will continue to work with the Hatchery, further developing the technology and business plan with their Hatchery mentors intellectual property lawyer Anil Bhole and Rotman School of Management MBA Candidate Amy Chong.

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