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Mike Silagadze

Mike Silagadze is the Co-founder and CEO of Top Hat, an education software company based in Toronto. Top Hat is changing the way classroom instruction is done on a mass scale. The tools Top Hat offers allows for the fostering of a positive learning environment for students and effective teaching for instructors at an affordable price. 

Mike founded Top Hat in 2009 with Mohsen Shahini who is now the Chief Academic Officer for the company. Noticing that the graduation rate for university students in North America is below fifty percent, Mike and Mohsen realized that there was a problem of student engagement in the classroom. Through Top Hat, Mike and his team have aimed to better the relationships between students and their instructors and make the university experience a positive one for all. Since its inception in 2009,the company has raised close to 50 million dollars in revenue.Top Hat has been praised by Maclean’s Magazine as ‘A Narwhal’, one of the four Canadian companies to watch that could pass a billion dollar valuation this year!

Prior to Top Hat, Mike was an early employee at Miovision Technologies in Waterloo. Mike is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering. Through his expertise, Mike has helped Top Hat become a giant in student engagement software. As an established leader in his field, entrepreneur, and lecturer, Mike has a lot of insight in running a business.