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Richard Reiner

Dr. Richard Reiner is a serial entrepreneur and company builder who is active as an executive, investor, advisor, and Board member. He is currently Executive Chair of dfuse Platform, a leading blockchain company; Executive Chair of, a speech AI company; and Chair of Cybeats, an IoT security company. He was previously Chief Technology Officer – Safe Identity, in Intel’s Security Group. He was President of PasswordBox, the leading digital identity company, leading up to the company’s acquisition by Intel. He was Chairman & CEO of Enomaly, a global leader in cloud computing, until Enomaly’s acquisition in 2011; and was the founder, CEO, and CTO of Assurent, a leading cybersecurity company, up to its acquisition in 2006. He has served on the Boards and Advisory Boards of many leading cybersecurity, cloud, andmobile companies such as Immunio, Elliptic Technologies, Virima, CloudeAssurance, Veracode, NetClarity, Virima, and Fonolo. He is often quoted by the press, in media such as the New York Times, CBS, NBC, USAToday, TechCrunch, etc.. He holds a Ph.D. and numerous patents in cybersecurity.