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Shaul Kuper

CEO Destiny Solutions & Founder of the EvoLLLution

Shaul Kuper is a leading entrepreneur in the higher education industry. Only recently recognized as a top market for growth and change, Kuper saw opportunity in the industry in 2001 when he founded Destiny Solutions. A true visionary, Kuper has a penchant for uncovering opportunity and rapidly deploying solutions to meet market needs. Kuper conceptualized and built the industry’s first comprehensive non-traditional business software solution, Destiny One. It was the first system to process higher education enrollments entirely online and the first product worldwide to receive the Payment Card Industry’s Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) Version 2.0 certification. Originally deployed as an on-premise solution, Kuper transitioned Destiny One to a cloud-hosted SaaS model. Now in use at numerous top institutions including, Penn State, NYU, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Toronto, eCornell and Georgetown, Destiny One brings an innovative infrastructure that is propelling institutions forward through a time of dramatic industry change. Widely considered one of the foremost experts in reimagining the business of higher education, Kuper founded an online newspaper called The EvoLLLution as a means of uniting discussions on non-traditional higher education in order to provoke meaningful change. A regular contributor, Kuper writes on the business of higher education, the role of technology, and the opportunity presented by industry change. Prior to founding Destiny Solutions, Kuper was President of Destiny Web Designs, a Toronto-based website development firm. He holds a B.Sc Honors Degree from University of Toronto.