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AcCine is a technology company that produces camera accessories for small group and individual video producers. Based on the interviews we’ve conducted and our personal experience, most small group video producers find focus control problematic: current focus control solutions are either too expensive or too time consuming. AcCine understands how painful this trade-off could be, hence we propose an alternative that saves both time and money. Our A.I. powered, fully automated focus controller will provide professional level focus solution at an accessible price. Consumers only need to attach our mobile-phone size device to their camera, and our product will recognize the shooting subject and make sure it stays in focus. All devices contain universal recognition and focus control. To cater to higher-end consumers’ need, we also offer daily subscription feature that optimizes the algorithm based on the shooting subject and environment without requiring additional hardware. AcCine’s vision does not stop here. Our product will be compatible with stabilizers, sliders, drones, and more accessories, to bring even more value to the filming industry.   Contact AcCine :