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Air Xposure

Denis Loboda, Peter Izraelski, Neil Sharma

Value Proposition

Conventional methods in aerial cinematography make it difficult and expensive for filmmakers to acquire desired aerial footage. The combination of helicopter rentals, dollies, cable cameras and other bulky cinematic equipment and longer set up times make the process arduous for most filmmakers on a modest budget.

Air Xposure aims to address the need for easy and cost-effective aerial cinematography with their customizable gimbal and drone arrangement that allows for quick set-up and configuration to film quality aerial shots. The device may be used in a variety of locations, with programmed flight routes that can be controlled by operators from the ground. Air Xposure’s technology can thus make aerial cinematography affordable to a larger number of filmmakers without sacrificing high visual quality.

Denis Loboda | Mechanical Engineering

Denis Loboda is 2013 graduate of mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto. He became interested in entrepreneurship through the undergraduate level courses offered by the Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship. He has previously worked for Ericsson and since winter 2013 has been developing what would become Air Xposure.

Peter Izraelski | Geography and Communication Culture and Information Technology

Peter Izraelski is entering his 5th year at U of T, finishing a double major in Geography and Communication Culture and Information Technology (CCIT). From a young age he has been very interested in the radio control hobby and began working at a local hobby shop. He eventually began experimenting with radio-controlled drones. He created the idea behind Air Xposure through collaboration with his partners Denis Loboda and Neil Sharma.

Neil Sharma | Mechanical Engineering

Neil Sharma graduated in 2013 with a B.A.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto.

Journey with the Hatchery

Although Peter and Denis have been working as hobbyists for a long time in radio-controlled technologies and vehicles, it was in the winter of 2013, when the core technology behind Air Xposure started to take form. Peter and Denis were joined by Neil Sharma to create the Air Xposure team. The Hatchery provided them with space, expertise and mentorship to further develop and refine both the technologies and business model for Air Xposure. Since its involvement in the Hatchery, Air Xposure has produced aerial features for a number of establishments, including aerial photography and cinematography for the University of Toronto.