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The Seabed is rich with valuable minerals such as Tellurium, Platinum, and Cobalt! Unfortunately, the current underwater mineral exploration process is extremely time-consuming and labor intensive; exploration currently takes one third (5 years) of a mining venture's timeline and results in terabytes of raw exploration footage that needs to be further analyzed on land. Aqua Drone plans on reducing the underwater mineral exploration time-line from 5 years down to 2 years using our Machine Learning powered drones. Aqua Drone's machine learning model will analyze the collected footage in real-time on the drone, eliminating the need for further analysis: the data will come back fully analyzed and ready to use; the machine learning model will also be able to provide an in-depth report that will allow underwater mining companies to know which minerals are present, where they are present, in what abundance are they present, and at what grade they are present. Aqua Drone currently has a machine learning model that is able to distinguish between three aquatic classes and drone that is able to analyze footage at a rate of 30 frames per second. Contact AquaDrone :