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Local promotions, like lunch specials, are challenging to know about unless going to the business. Local marketing causes many of these deals to be overlooked and missed by accessible people nearby. Without this knowledge, locals make less informed decisions when going out and miss lead-generating deals that could influence their end choice. Currently, these local promotions are often uploaded to global social media platforms. The algorithms used have no emphasis on time and proximity, making it difficult for people to find these promotions while they are active. Small consumer service businesses, such as restaurants, hair salons, and local boutiques, pay 67% more per action than the average industry using social media advertisements. Many small business owners don’t know how to market effectively on social media, leading them to waste time and money on these platforms. Without social media, people can’t find these deals without physically going to the business establishment or stumbling on their website. This prevents these lead-generating deals from performing positively for the business. This can be especially difficult for businesses in low foot traffic areas. Usually, these deals are on sandwich boards outside the business entrance. Campfiyr is an effective solution to showcase deals and decrease a business's marketing budget while saving time. In addition, these deals increase the potential of reaching new customers since people are more willing to try deals for the first time at a new business. This type of promotion is promoted by Campfiyr to only be used in a business establishment, which increases profit margins and catalyzes further purchases while there.