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Cove Neurosciences

In recent years, academic institutions and companies in the neurosciences space have been generating brain data in the form of MRIs and EEGs at an unprecedented rate. This explosive growth in the production of raw, noisy and uninterpreted data has created an urgent need for the capability of extracting value from these datasets. The current reality is that the neuroscience industry faces enormous difficulties in translating the raw brain data obtained from medical imaging hardware into meaningful interpretations of the brain at the neurocircuit level. This is simply because it is extremely costly and time-consuming for companies to hire in-house engineering teams to process and model brain data on an ad-hoc basis. This is the problem that Cove Neuroscience’s innovative algorithm, CoveConnectTM aims to solve. CoveConnectTM combines advanced neuroscience tools and machine learning technology to bridge the gap between data engineering and neuroscience. It allows companies in the neuroscience industry to process and interpret their data from MRIs and EEGs, while carrying out brain connectivity modelling at scale, paving the way for the next paradigm in neurosciences and brain health.