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For students, taking notes is a task as old as time. Despite the many attempts at streamlining this necessity, the best solution either comes in the form of a pencil and paper or an expensive tablet. Many students have a laptop, and typing notes seems like an infinitely more convenient solution: digital notes on the cloud are almost impossible to “lose”; they can be quickly searched, edited, and reorganized; and carrying around a single device, especially for commuter students, is far less cumbersome than a backpack containing many notebooks. However, expectations do not line up with reality! We recognize that applications such as Evernote, Notion, and Google Docs exist, but they lack features that make them practical for STEM-oriented courses. Integrating complex equations is cumbersome, and creating neat diagrams in a timely manner is often impossible without a tablet or paper. We propose a more efficient alternative: Embed Notes. Specifically, we are creating a website that facilitates designing 2- and 3-D mathematical graphs, chemistry and physics diagrams, as well as support for various programming languages. We are a software as a service company with free features and a paid subscription model. From firsthand experience, we know that note-taking can be greatly improved upon; in short, by building Embed Notes, we hope to revolutionize the notebook.