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EngineHire is a data driven platform that connects engineering companies with young engineering talent.

There are thousands of small and mid-size engineering companies in all industries. They are constantly looking for new, quality talent, however, many do not bother with campus recruitment. The typical campus recruitment methods, such as career fairs and job portals, are inefficient and ineffective. Enginehire streamlines this process; companies simply tell us who they are looking for, and we use a series of algorithms to search our database and find the students that are the best fit. It is easy, efficient and risk free.

From the students’ perspective, many students struggle to find internship and job opportunities relevant to their skills and interests. The problem is that of the thousands of engineering companies, only maybe fifty will show up for campus recruitment, with the majority hiring for software positions. The goal of enginehire is to bridge this gap for young engineers; all they have to do is create a profile outlining who they are and what they are interested in. Thanks to our data driven approach, once someone creates a profile, they are automatically considered for every new opportunity, making recruitment free and easy for students.