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Value Propostion

FuelWear is an actively heated garment that will provide outdoor workers comfort and warmth. Canadian winters pose a serious challenge in terms of personal insulation for many. Thus, we would like to introduce our solution, the flame base layer from FuelWear.

This is the flame base layer from FuelWear. It is black fully wash-able base layer with an intelligent heating system. It provides smoothing heat when it senses that you are cold and turns off when you are fully warmed up. It is constructed from an ultra comfortable bamboo fabric.

There are 3 heating elements integrated into fabric, two in the front and one in the back. This way it keeps your torso warm and promotes blood circulation. It can be used for any winter outdoor activity such as skiing, biking, commuting and working.

In additional, this base layer has many more features, including smart temperature sensing, ultra soft bamboo fabric, full wash-ability, superior heat performance, and battery level indicator.