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City drivers are routinely faced with rising challenges in finding parking spaces. A driver spends an average of 8 minutes finding a spot in city of Toronto. Grid bridges the gap between idle parking spots and drivers by offering a bird’s eye view of parking states. Grid has developed an integrated sensor based platform to help drivers know real-time availability of parking spots through the use of mobile application. Drivers can now find vacant spot close to destination and pay with a touch of phone. Currently, systems exist to find rates and timings of private or municipal parking spots with little or no knowledge of availability. However, with a strong hardware and machine learning algorithm, Grid makes it possible for parking lot owners to broadcast 24/7 the status of every parking space whether occupied or idle for every user of Grid application. With a fine engineering design, Grid introduces ease into parking law enforcement and test variable rates for rush hours. Drivers are connected with their parked cars with useful features such the option to remotely extend time and navigation to help locate the registered spot. For the first time ever, city drivers can take charge of their parking experience.