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Value Propostion

For individuals on a budget, traditional grocery shopping imposes many obstacles that prevent them from find the most affordable prices on a time constraint. While flyers and coupons can be used to reduce the costs of groceries, keeping up with and comparing prices across various retailers can be a tedious and time-consuming task. GroceryGo aims to address this issue by consolidating grocery flyers in a convenient digital experience allowing for efficient and affordable grocery shopping. The database of flyers can be accessed by a mobile application that offers transparent comparison of prices across different retailers. It gives users a weekly grocery flyer update, along with real time update of prices. The application also has the features enabling users to browse items based on categories, make grocery lists, a map view showing them retailers based on their location and notifications based on grocery list items and locations. Additionally, retailers can pay GroceryGo to advertise their sales and events through the application.