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Indus aims to disrupt the hydroponics industry using a design and production pipeline for manufacturing smart soil using 3D-printing. Traditional soil used in crop production is non-renewable because its nutrients are depleted over time. Hydroculture methods, in particular aquaponics and hydroponics, replace traditional soil with a continuous stream of nutrient-rich solution flowing across the roots of plants being grown in a solid support material (SSM). Current SSMs are unsustainable at scale and only optimal to grow a small subset of crops. Engineering more optimal SSMs through additive manufacturing is a highly promising alternative, but introducing the same random porosity found in traditional soil to bestow crucial properties (i.e. percolation, water holding capacity, aeration, capillary action) is a challenging barrier. We have exclusive access to software that introduces random porosity into 3D models that mimic traditional soil, which can then be 3D-printed using bio-derived PLA filament to generate robust products. INDUS is therefore a cleantech solution that can empower greater sustainable crop production lines in hydroculture with custom-designed SSMs for optimizing plant growth. In doing so, we are working to address major global sustainability issues that ultimately impact the future of food production & supply for cities and nations. Contact Indus :