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Keep Up

KeepUP makes managing your time easier than ever. Our solution is the world’s first calendar virtual assistant. To use the app, simply send KeepUP a text/voice message and it can sync and manage all of your calendars from one place. You can easily add, remove, and change any event or reminder. KeepUP will also notify you about any conflicts that occur in your schedule, ensuring that double-booking is a thing of the past. KeepUP’s friends feature allows you to easily collaborate with your team. It does this by looking at the calendars of your teammates to find empty meeting time slots, which removes the hassle of back and forth messaging. By using KeepUP, teams are able to save an average of 3.5 hours/week when scheduling meetings. So download the app and KeepUP with the world around you. Contact KeepUp :