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Kultura Diagnostics

You’ve probably heard about gluten free food and celiac disease. But you probably haven’t heard about the whole spectrum of gluten sensitivity conditions – ranging from wheat allergies through to non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease – or that only 10% of individuals with these conditions are diagnosed. You probably haven't heard about the frequency of misdiagnosis for individuals with gluten sensitivities or the ongoing frustration of not knowing how to avoid gluten and make seemingly unrelenting symptoms go away. You probably haven't heard of the fragmented management of these conditions which leads to an average of USD$4-11K in extra healthcare costs and 8 sick days per affected person annually, not to mention over ten years of complications due to delayed health interventions. In the United States alone, the total burden is USD$108.3 billion and it is only getting worse as the rate of diagnosis increases at 7.5% per year. Globally, this costs over 200M people millions of hours and billions of dollars every single year.  At Kultura Diagnostics, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their gluten sensitivities. Our team of engineering, business, and clinical professionals is developing a comprehensive platform that helps individuals understand and manage their gluten sensitivity. By combining breath-based monitoring, daily habit tracking, and remote integrated care, the platform personalizes patient education and helps individuals adopt the behavior change required to reduce symptoms over time. By 2027, we aim to help double the number of individuals diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity and support at least 10 million of them in reducing the time required to become highly confident in managing their condition from five years to six months.