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L33T Ventures

Governments and corporations rely on the bond market to finance critical activities. The bond market is one of largest financial markets, with the amount of outstanding bonds at approximately $160 trillion in 2021. For comparison, the total market cap of all US-based public companies was just over $50 trillion over the same period. Despite its massive size, this market has not fully embraced the digital revolution, and in many ways continues to be mired in legacy processes and systems. Some bond trading is still done over the phone, with settlement taking not minutes or hours -- but several days. Bond issuance is even less digitized, where underwriters still use spreadsheets to track orderbooks. These inefficiencies increase the cost, reduce the accessibility, and make it a relatively less transparent market. This is particularly true for smaller investors and issuers.

L33T Venture's Smart Bonds solution is a ‘bond tokenization as a service’ platform that will utilize blockchain technology to bring bond issuance (primary market) and trading (secondary market) onto the blockchain and into the 21st century. We are creating a robust platform that will provide customers the flexibility to issue, manage, and trade tokenized bonds. Our technical architecture is focused on delivering a solution that optimizes our customers’ experience. Our front-end will offer a sophisticated and easy-to-use UI that allows users to leverage our platform's capabilities without having to interact with smart contract code. Our back-end will offer scalability and the ability to interface with multiple blockchains (including Ethereum, Avalanche, and Algorand). Our APIs will allow interaction with other dApps and off-chain oracles, and will be implemented with noncompromising security.