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Value Proposition

The main problem LoftShare aims to solve is to help university students find a roommate and a place to stay. Currently students do not have an easy to use tool for finding a roommate or a place, and must wade through a sea of badly designed websites that aren’t optimized for their needs: Kijiji, Craigslist and so on. LoftShare aims to solve this problem by becoming the single portal through which tenants can find roommates as well as a place to stay. Additionally, LoftShare provides landlords that create postings on the website with more information about potential tenants, with ratings from other landlords and tenants available for their perusal. Finally, LoftShare aims to simplify the search process by applying the dating website model of filtering potential places/roommates by criteria as opposed to manual search, as in Kijiiji and Craigslist.

Website: LoftShare