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Akshay Gill

Value Proposition

With the proliferation of digital gaming and other interactive technologies, the short attention span of children concerning schoolwork is a ubiquitous problem. Gaming and online media can expose children to a wide range of experiences in short periods of time, yet they continue to struggle with assigned learning, often without tangible or desirable rewards in the end. Additionally, most schools continue to provide a largely theoretical learning environment for children, offering limited arenas to engage in topics that interest them interactively.

Akshay Gill | Computer Engineering

Akshay Gill is a Master of Engineering student in computer engineering at the University of Toronto. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Western Ontario. His passions include electronics and music. After his undergraduate studies, he worked in higher-level programming. Realizing that he wanted more engagement with hardware, Akshay saw entrepreneurship as a great way to investigate his hands-on interests by his own accord and joined the Hatchery to develop his children’s educational maker kit project known as Makermax.

Journey with the Hatchery

Makermax is the brainchild of Akshay Gill, a Master of Engineering student in the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. He observed in his cousins firsthand the struggle with learning and retaining concept in school while simultaneously excelling in the use of various interactive media such as video games. Appreciating the fact that children can be great users of interactive technology, he sought to provide an alternative to traditional theoretical classroom learning through customizable maker kits. His involvement in the maker movement exposed him to various ideas that enabled him to perfect the prototype maker kit to run successful pilot test projects on his cousins. After joining the Hatchery, he continues to refine his business model and pursue further opportunities to explore project ideas and future revenues for Makermax.