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MedChart is a secure cloud-based Patient Portal which empowers patients by having their official health records at their fingertips. Using our automated acquisition process, patients can seamlessly obtain medical records online from their healthcare providers. MedChart eliminates worrying about navigating onerous manual government processes and can provide access to all records regardless of whether they were recorded in paper or electronic form. Our intuitive online Patient Portal makes accessing and managing medical records as simple and secure as online banking. We have designed this to put patient’s needs for medical records first. Critical information is summarized on the patient dashboard and medical records are easily and securely shared online among families, doctors and caregivers within their circle of care. In case of an emergency, the MedCard pocket-card will link to a patient’s critical health information from anywhere in the world. MedChart bridges the gap between the patient and records by connecting patients directly to their official health information. For the first time, MedChart enables patients to unlock the potential of their health record.

Website: MedChart

Video from Hatchery Demo Day presentation, September 2015: