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Anastasiya Martyts, Tiange Li

Value Propositon

Traditional flashes, strobes and other photographic lighting systems are often too bulky, specialized and expensive for the purposes of experimental and amateur photography enthusiasts. While these equipment yield high-quality photographic results, they usually possess a few very select functions and effects that do not cater to the needs of experimental and amateur photographers who seek a means to explore the medium of photography affordably.

Modly proposes an easily customizable and programmable lighting system for such users that provides multi-functionality at an affordable price. This battery-powered and portable photographic lighting system uses programmable LED lights to replace traditional flashes, strobes and filters in the form of separable modules that can be customized to perform various functions as amateur and experimental photographers desire. The individual LEDs in the modules can be programmed by a central microcontroller that is integrable with laptops, computers and cell phones via Bluetooth. Individual lighting modules are stackable and thus can be used together or mounted on tripods or flash stands, creating a variety of effects including varying colours, hues and intensities of each module.

Anastasiya Martyts | Engineering Science

Anastasiya Martyts is going into her 2nd year second year in engineering science at the University of Toronto. She enjoys the interdisciplinary focus of engineering science and intends to specialize in biomedical engineering in her last two years of the program. She became interested in product design and development through the first year Praxis I and II courses. She was introduced to Tiange Li by a teaching assistant in her Praxis course and the idea behind what would eventually become Modly. After forming the team, Anastasiya and Tiange went onto win a Hatchery Fellowship Award to further develop their idea.

Tiange Li | Life Sciences

Tiange Li is entering his 2nd year of studies in life science at the University of Toronto, with the intention of specializing in neuroscience. Tiange became interested in entrepreneurship through the plethora of ideas he saw propagated through fundraising websites such as Kickstarter. He has a passion for photography and aimed to provide amateur photographers with an affordable and easily customizable option for a lighting system. Tiange is also involved in medical research and development. His first project, a simple tool to optimize care process for ostomy received gold and bronze at the Toronto and Canada Wide Science Fairs, respectively. He also worked at Toronto Rehab's iDAPT laboratory, where he designed and improved devices involved in patient rehabilitation. He is currently at the Hospital for Sick Children, where he conducts research on learning and memory.

Journey with the Hatchery

The idea behind Modly was developed initially by Tiange Li, who, as an amateur photographer, saw the need for a customizable lighting system that would allow him to produce creative photographic effects without extensive knowledge of light manipulation. When he could not find a satisfying solution, he decided to create his own lighting system, and subsequently applied to the Hatchery along with Anastasiya Martyts. They were eventually be accepted by the Hatchery and granted the Hatchery Fellowship Award. Over the summer, they worked with their mentors to develop a viable business model. Currently, they are continuing to refine their business model as well as designing and creating preliminary prototypes of the lighting system.