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Muve is the future of urban mobility solutions. We provide a low-cost software analysis platform powered by proprietary detection hardware. With a focus on comprehensive data and analytics, we work with governments to help them achieve their goals of smarter and more livable cities. But ultimately Muve aims to be an all-encompassing platform, accommodating any industry that relies on traffic infrastructure information and wants to understand trends in urban movement. The data we collect is valuable to everyone from self driving car companies to insurance companies to shipping companies and beyond. Muve envisions a connected world where industries have a complete understanding of the traffic environments they operate in, allowing them to make effective, data-driven decisions. Muve provides a number of industries with traffic insights they are already trying to get, but now in a simpler and less expensive way. These insights include traffic flow, count information and mode of traffic (pedestrians, cyclists, cars, etc…). With this information, Muve equips customers such as governments, traffic engineering firms, insurance agencies, and shipping companies with the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions at a low cost. Contact Muve :