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My Dorm Store

As three university students, no one understands the stress and challenges involved with moving into a dorm or an apartment better than we do. Having lived in dorms ourselves, we know how much is involved with moving into a new space and making it your own. My Dorm Store is the service we wish we had – a way to take the worry out of moving. For anyone, moving can be a challenge. Leaving your home and moving into a dorm can even be more difficult. It's not just about going to a place and meeting people – it's about making sure your dorm becomes your home away from home. My Dorm Store understands this, and we want to make the moving process easier for everyone. We recognize the value of convenience, affordability, and choice. Each person has a different style, and we want to help you create a dorm that expresses who you are. My Dorm Store is a dorm creation service made by students, for students. You can design your dorm or apartment using our online service and affordable payment options. With the click of a button, you can order the essentials and comforts and have them delivered to your dorm when you arrive. We offer an extensive collection of modern furnishings and home goods. Together, we hope to make your dorm into your home. Contact My Dorm Store :