The Entrepreneurship Hatchery  ☰ is developing an AI-powered mobile application to manage patients undergoing physiotherapy following hip and knee replacement. Our goal is to offer a cost-effective tool for physiotherapists to provide personalized care remotely at a lower cost. Our application delivers a personalized treatment plan based on patient-specific objective criteria that the AI detects. Unlike other solutions requiring extra wearables, we use a smartphone camera and state-of-the-art vision AI built by our award-winning team to analyze patients' abilities and track their progress. Instead of replacing physiotherapists, Nightingale effectively works with physiotherapists by informing them of real-time patient progress while sending alerts remotely only when needed. Thus, physiotherapists can make informed data-driven decisions and optimize their workflow. Nightingale is positioned to help physiotherapists reduce existing burdens, but still meet increasing demands brought by an aging population. Likewise, Nightingale enables patients to gain greater access to physiotherapy management from their own homes without sacrificing quality of care. Nightingale is led by a team of physiotherapists with tens of thousands of hours of practice experience, engineers specialized in vision-based AI, and researchers from the University of Toronto, McMaster University, MIT, and IBM. Together we are bringing realistic and scalable solutions to the rehabilitation space. Contact :