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NMToolkit is an intelligent neurorehabilitation platform that serves to enable clients to practice at-home in between therapy sessions while allowing the therapist to streamline their practice. Clients will have easy access to 16 NMT techniques with clear instructions and automated objective feedback. This ultimately helps to improve their treatment outcomes. Therapists will have access to objective data via an analytics dashboard that they can use to track their clients’ progress and make more informed decisions during their sessions with clients. They will also have access to automated tools and assessments that they can use to reduce their unpaid administrative hours. For instance, for some clients with speech disorders the therapist regularly assesses their rate of speech by manually counting the words per minute. They also have to type out very specific instructions for all of the exercises each client is working on. Our platform will automate such tasks, ultimately freeing up time for the therapist. With all of this, NMToolkit will improve treatment outcomes, one technique at a time. Contact NMToolkit :