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No Limits

Anthony McLeod, Serhiy Naumenko

Value Proposition

The existing challenge with baby strollers are that they are generally bulky contraptions that are not easily manoeuvrable. In a city like Toronto, where a large percentage of the population uses public transit, travelling with a stroller can be a difficult task, one that No Limits aims to make much easier. To do so the team plans to create an automated, self-propelled stair climbing technology which can be included in the development of a new stroller or simply attached to a pre-existing stroller.  Any individual responsible for taking care of children, especially young parents, can benefit from this product.

Anthony McLeod | Mechanical Engineering

Anthony McLeod is a 2013 graduate of mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto. In the past, he has worked as an engineering intern for Martinrea International and H. H. Angus & Associates Limited.

Serhiy Naumenko | Mechanical Engineering

Serhiy Naumenko is graduated in 2013 with a BASc in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto. He is currently an enterprises risk services consultant at Deloitte.

Journey with the Hatchery

The idea behind No Limits is based on engaging, in-person market research undertaken by team members Anthony McLeod and Serhiy Naumenko. Anthony and Serhiy undertook an extensive survey in which they asked baby stroller users across the Greater Toronto area about their greatest daily challenges in mobility. The overwhelming response indicated that ascending stairs without the help of another person is often the greatest difficulty for young parents with baby strollers. To address this problem, No Limits used Hatchery expertise and resources to develop and market a technology that would enable easy maneuverability even over stairs. They were awarded the 2013 Orozco Prize for their efforts on the 2013 Hatchery Demo Day.