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Our goal is to provide an educational platform that combines the competitiveness and progression tracking of trivia games with course specific questions and material to enrich educational experiences in a meaningful yet fun way. We hope to help 2 types of customers. The first are students who usually need motivation to constantly study. Students tend to face difficulties studying at a regular and productive pace throughout the academic year. This can be attributed to the lack of a tangible sense of accomplishment. Moreover, educators often lack key insights regarding student performance. These insights have the potential to assist educators in improving their students’ learning experiences. By employing a fun and competitive supplement to studying, the platform would motivate students by facing them against friends and classmates and allowing them to track their progress. Ultimately creating a reward cycle that motivates students to study regularly and play to progress. The product will offer educators the ability to analyze data regarding student performance, thereby providing key insights into student comprehension of material and areas for improvement.