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PharmAssess Diagnostics

PharmAssess revamps clinical pharmacy care, starting with transforming the way pharmacists diagnose and treat patients. They offer a diagnostic software solution for pharmacists to help treat minor ailments more efficiently and more confidently. Within a few months from now, Ontario pharmacists will be given the ability to diagnose & treat common ailments. However, a recent summit revealed that over 80% of Canadian pharmacists state that there is insufficient time to provide advanced services and excessive competing priorities in the pharmacy workplace. Automating patient assessment, diagnosis, and documentation while personalizing treatment recommendations empowers pharmacists to better take hold of this new revenue stream and adapt to the expanded scope of practice. PharmAssess is the first of its kind to provide a diagnostic edge in the pharmacy workplace, as no other pharmacy appliance leverages machine-learning and automation to interactively assist pharmacists in the diagnostic process. Pharmacists are able to save time, better engage in their expanded scope of practice, and provide better patient care, while optimizing workplace efficiency. Contact PharmAssess Diagnostics :