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Value Proposition

While various manifestations of web-based and mobile tools for outdoor navigation, such as Google Maps and GPS have become widely available, there still remains a need for applications that enable precise indoor navigation. Although floor plans for manual navigation and geo-tagging technologies exist, it makes it arduous for users to pinpoint their exact location in large indoor areas and communicate it with others effectively.

Picarta aims to address this issue by developing a customizable mobile application that allows indoor navigation and socialization based on the user’s precise whereabouts. Utilizing a repository of indoor maps for public places, such as museums, galleries and shopping malls around the greater Toronto area that are easily accessible online, and with the help of Quick Response code technology, the mobile app will provide users with an efficient and comprehensive tool to navigate indoor areas. Additionally, a social interface integrated with the application will enable users to reach out to others in their area and socialize based on shared interest and locations. Public and private places, such as museums, shopping malls and art galleries can also advertise their exhibits and special events through this application to reach out to customers.