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Value Propostion

The problem faced by our customers is that current mop wringer designs are not ergonomic or efficient. This can lead to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), lower-back injuries, and just general muscle fatigue and discomfort. The mop wringer process is also unnecessarily time consuming.

Our product aims to solve the problems of caretaking staff. With the purchase of the PowerWring device, an organization can increase the safety and comfort of their work environment while also saving on insurance related costs, employee injury and downtime, as well as general maintenance efficiency.

The key feature of our product is the ability to connect the mop handle to the existing wringer handle in order to gain a force advantage. In addition, the user applies force using large upper-body muscle groups in a completely upright posture. This eliminates the risk of RSI and lower-back injuries. Efficiency is greatly improved because the user doesn’t need to take their hands off of the mop to operate the wringer system. Lastly, this design is purely additive, easy to learn and operate, and can be manufactured to be very long-lasting.