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Value Proposition

Coordinating shared work is often challenging and involves many scheduling conflicts. Traditional project management software often require high-level expertise in its intricacies, making it unsuitable for use by students who simply want a better organizational system for their projects. Probies seeks to address this problem by developing a web-based platform that aims to assist any group of people who desire to get started on their project in an organized and efficient manner. The main focus of Probies is project management. With the aid of an interactive time line, the platform will allow members to keep track of both group and individual work and progress. In addition, the platform will provide members with a choice regarding what work the select to share. The choice extends to who can access the specific platform and members can select to share only within their group or provide access to targeted clients as well. The platform will also offer the user common features such as a calendar, to-do list, financial tracker and meeting records.