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Imagine being able to clean your hair in a matter of seconds without getting it wet. The ability to clean your hair anywhere at any time!

Purl is a brand new innovative technology that cleans your hair without water. It is an automatic brush that instantly refreshes hair! Purl delivers easy and even application of a unique formula that absorbs excess oils.

Giving women luscious and soft hair, extending the life of your blow-out look, keeping your hair looking full and voluminous.

We are the solution you need on days when you are too busy for time-consuming hair washes. Our product has a sexy, new casing that fits perfectly in your purse. It is waterproof, easy to use and has scalp massaging bristles that distribute our powder formula evenly to your hair.

(purl) is made for busy women who want convenience without sacrificing hygiene!

Purl is waterless, effortless glam in your pocket. Just twist and apply!

Video from Hatchery Demo Day presentation, September 2015: