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Want to buy the most ethical products possible but don’t know where to start? Ramuri is here to help you find and understand the information you need to make ethical shopping choices that align with your values. Ramuri is a browser extension that helps you shop online by assessing the ethics of brands whose products you’re considering buying, and by providing alternative products from ethical brands. Ramuri helps you compare products while browsing and shopping online, and works automatically with your browser so that you can access information without wasting time searching for it. We pull information on different key areas in ethics, and use expert analysis to provide you with an easy-to-understand rating and summary explanation of the ethical impact of a purchasing decision. You can also specify what areas in ethics are most important to you, so that Ramuri prioritizes those in its assessments. Ramuri is being designed with your needs in mind, with our focus being in accessibility and time saving. We envision a world where all online shoppers are empowered with the information they need to choose the best products for them, and where retailers prioritize competing for who can measure up to the highest ethical standards. Join Ramuri and shop the change you want to see. Contact Ramuri :