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Red Coral’s purpose is to build an efficient, effective and tasteful cooling system for your personal computer. Our system is designed with intense gamers in mind- being built to reduce the temperature of any Gaming PC’s CPU and ensure a pleasant and fluid gaming experience. To do so, we combined the technology of existing systems with unique features that would enable more heat exchange to take place in the heat sink. As a result, Red coral is able to be 60% more efficient than a current existing liquid cooling system on the market and is capable of cooling a PC down to a much lower temperature. Cooler is better - whether you are playing Minecraft or watching 4K movies, Red Coral makes sure that lags will never be a problem. We invite you to a gaming world where overheating will never interrupt you. At Red Coral, we know our consumers have expectations for their gaming experience. We are ready to take yours to another level. Contact Red Coral :