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Sanctuary Sneakers

Sanctuary Sneakers is the first price aggregation company for the ten billion dollar secondary sneaker market. There are over 100 sites to exchange high-end sneakers, all selling the exact same shoes at vastly different prices. Sanctuary Sneakers aggregates this price data into one site, in real time, in a similar way that Kayak or Trivago does for travel deals. Our mass of data allows users to find the lowest prices and rarest pairs, soon we will leverage it to make price predictions and provide unique insights for our users. Since launching in late 2020, Sanctuary Sneakers has gained backend access to top marketplaces, and has monetized affiliate deals in place with the two largest marketplaces already - both of which have (and continue to) generate revenue for Sanctuary. The company has grown to about 2,000 monthly users with essentially no marketing costs, and this number increases on a daily basis. The secondary sneaker market is expected to grow to 30 billion dollars over the next few years. Right now, there is a unique opportunity to get involved at the ground floor. Sanctuary Sneakers has a proven business model, a formidable, hungry team, and a vision to bring the sneaker industry into the age of information. Contact Sanctuary Sneakers :