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Value Propostion

The Shour is a "smart" showerhead that helps individuals save time, money and the environment by helping them to reduce their daily shower time. The key features of this product are, real-time, in-shower display of water flow rate, temperature and time, power generation from the water flow using an internal turbine; no batteries, and wireless communication that allows users to pre-set water temperature before they get there. Users can also pre-set a desired shower duration, so they don't lose track of time. It delivers detailed, long-term information on showering habits using a companion mobile app that makes it easy to make and track goals and personalized "missions". The installation for the product is easy with no wiring; it simply screws on like a regular showerhead. The Shour is a product that can be sold through both consumer retail channels and industrially as a part of new building projects. The money savings add up quickly because of the cuts to water and energy bills, not to mention huge water savings for a planet that's running short.