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Titan Bionics

Titan Bionics is developing a lightweight wearable device for home use to enable users to independently perform activities of daily living. The Titan Arm is a powered brace for the arms and hands with a built-in functional electrical stimulation system. Our device will enable our users to regain mobility and independence by immediately restoring some upper limb motor function for daily activities, while simultaneously strengthening neural pathways and promoting musculoskeletal health with long-term use. As graduate student researchers at the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network, our team witnessed first-hand the disconnect in technology between what is needed by those with mobility difficulties (e.g., patients with neuromuscular conditions, seniors with age-related muscle decline) and what is available to them. There are promising technologies being researched that could fill this gap, but most never leave the lab. We started this venture after our studies to get viable solutions to those who need them the most. We are currently supported by multiple incubators in the GTA as well as scientific mentors from our former lab. Our goal is to empower individuals to live with dignity and autonomy, using their own bodies to lead extended healthy lives. Contact Titan Bionics :