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In today’s world, tech-companies do not provide a way for visually impaired people to communicate with society. Vis-abled is here to offer innovative, yet simple, features that a visually impaired individual should expect in a phone that is made specifically and exclusively for them. It will not only have the first braille full keypad on the actual phone but also come with a very cheap price due to the ease and efficiency with which it is made (i.e there would not be a screen, which is the most expensive component of a regular phone). These two properties are the most important ones when it comes to a person who is not concerned with Instagram, Facebook etc. Vis-abled is there not only for the completely blind individuals, but also those with short-sight or those having a hard time using touch screen and sophisticated devices. In 2014 WHO reported there are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. Since 90% of them live in low-income settings, some of our customers would be the organizations like The Canadian National Institute for the blind and the UN. This will not be a problem since the device will come out in affordable price for everyone.