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BOMBER Robotics

We are building Iron Man legs for children. Specifically, we are building a robotic exoskeleton device for children with Cerebral Palsy. The current physiotherapy environment Continue reading


Emerging evidence indicates that poor nutrition stands as a crucial factor in the high prevalence of cognitive disorders worldwide and suggests that the maintenance of Continue reading

SensOR Medical

Medical error is the third largest cause of death and 12{34c9974c9f037906bae42c3676d93165aea54f9096490e73d778a46fd16d4262} of this is due to the improper application of force in surgery; yet, surgeons Continue reading

Enrich Bioscience

Current cancer screening methods can capture only one cancer at a time.  Cancer, when detected early, has more therapeutic options and results in higher survival Continue reading


Visual communication is the most important aspect of architectural design, as the only way for exchange of information between architectural designers and their clients. However, Continue reading


Air pollution kills 7 million people annually and more than 80{34c9974c9f037906bae42c3676d93165aea54f9096490e73d778a46fd16d4262} of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed Continue reading

Totem Technology

As a manufacturing intern, Eric spent half his time collecting data about the various machines and had trouble getting all the right data. The problems Continue reading


1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted in university, and yet very few of these cases result in formal reports Continue reading


Physiotherapy is important when recovering from an injury or surgery. However, only 8{34c9974c9f037906bae42c3676d93165aea54f9096490e73d778a46fd16d4262} of people in the U.S. who require physiotherapy actually receive it. Out Continue reading

Autonomous Sensors

Every large truck and bus should traverse our highways safely and efficiently as tire failures become a thing of the past. Collisions involving large trucks Continue reading


Price-conscious diners currently lack any way of executing price comparison for dishes between different restaurants. They have no way of maximizing their value for money Continue reading


Stylefnf is Canada’s online classifieds platform for students. We target college students that want a smarter, simpler and safer way to buy and sell locally. Continue reading


Thousands of international students spend excess amounts of money on education consultants to complete their university admission applications. As a result, these students are unprepared Continue reading

Humetric Solutions

There are over 1.4 million lower body injuries in Canada each year, 400 000 of which require a cast for proper recovery. The recovery period Continue reading