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Tom Ritchie

Tom Ritchie is the President of Ample Organics and Akerna Canada,… Continue reading

Naresh Bangia

First Speaker Series for fall of 2020, joined by Naresh Bangia… Continue reading

Arash Zohoor

Arash Zohoor, a physician and entrepreneur, is a cofounder of Inkbot…. Continue reading

Jonah Midanik

An engineer by trade, Jonah has spent the last twenty years… Continue reading

Chris Grouchy

Chris is a co-founder of Convictional. Convictional is a B2B trade… Continue reading

Anand Dhilon

Anand Dhillon (CTO & Co-Founder) is responsible for technical development and strategy… Continue reading

Shums Kassam

Shums started his first company, Blynk, out of the Next 36… Continue reading

Jimoh Ovbiagele

Jimoh Ovbiagele is the Co-founder/CTO of ROSS Intelligence. Ovbiagele is one… Continue reading

Sahar Saidi

Sahar Saidi is the founder and CEO of LUS Brands, a… Continue reading

Diran Otegbade

Diran Otegbade is the Founder & Managing Director of, a… Continue reading

Tyler Han

Coming from Vancouver, Tyler has always been an avid programmer and… Continue reading

Michel Vulpe

Mr. Michel Vulpe founded i4i, Inc. in 1993 and serves as its Chief… Continue reading

Axel Villamil

A young creative with big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. A… Continue reading

Timothy O’Leary

Captain (Navy) Tim O’Leary is a native of Toronto and a… Continue reading

Steve Pereira

  Steve is obsessed with making tech human, using simple tools… Continue reading

Alana Frome

Alana is the Co-founder and CTO at HiMama. HiMama is a leading… Continue reading