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Marissa Wu

Marissa Wu is the founder and CEO of Rhythm Consulting and… Continue reading

Mike Silagadze

Mike Silagadze is the Co-founder and CEO of Top Hat, an… Continue reading

David Ceolin

David¬†was the founder and CEO of Digital Cement, a digital services… Continue reading

Steve Cosman

Steve founded Shoebox in 2012 and has grown it to millions… Continue reading

Aditya Kapoor

Aditya Kapoor is a second year full time MBA student at… Continue reading

Maxim Antipin & Saif Abid

Maxim Antipin holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering with a Minor… Continue reading

Rick Baltman

Rick Baltman has served as the President and CTO of 2XL… Continue reading

Steve Ballantyne

Steve Ballantyne is a social entrepreneur who co-founded and leads successful… Continue reading

Samar Harb

Samar is the President and Founder of Green Press Inc.. Green… Continue reading

Tom Leung

Tom is the Co-founder and CSO of BenchSci and holds a… Continue reading

Shira Yoskovitch

Shira Yoskovitch is the founder and CEO of Handled Concierge Services…. Continue reading