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Jeremy Chan-Hao Wang

Jeremy is the Chief Technology Officer of The Sky Guys, Canada’s… Continue reading

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid (@ReidAndrew) is the founder and CEO of Rival Technologies, a Vancouver-based software… Continue reading

Charles Plant

Senior Fellow, Impact Centre Charles Plant is an unrepentant entrepreneur and… Continue reading

Luna Yu

Luna Yu is the CEO of Genecis Bioindustries. She completed her… Continue reading

Richard Berman

After graduating from Trinity College in 1992, Richard studied at the graduate journalism… Continue reading

Zakir Hemraj

Zakir (Zak) Hemraj is the Co-founder and CEO of Loopio, a… Continue reading

Shaul Kuper

A visionary leader and entrepreneur, Shaul Kuper founded Destiny Solutions Inc…. Continue reading

Neil Wainwright

Neil Wainwright is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of UpHabit, a… Continue reading

Hendrik Bernabe

Hendrik Barnabe is recent graduate from the UofT Faculty of Applied… Continue reading

Christian Lassonde

Lassonde is a tech founder and CEO, having built and sold… Continue reading

Steve Ballantyne

Steve Ballantyne is an entrepreneur who starts and leads innovative companies… Continue reading

Jixin Huang

Jixin Huang co-founded Zhihu, the largest social knowledge community in China,… Continue reading

Naresh Bangia

Naresh is the CEO & founder of AJB Software Design Inc., which was sold… Continue reading

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin Mclaughlin founded AutoShare, Toronto’s first car-sharing company, to reduce the… Continue reading

Yvonne Felix

Yvonne Felix is an award winning Artist and Entrepreneur carving out… Continue reading

Joshua Wong

Joshua is the President and CEO of Opus One Solutions, a… Continue reading