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Value Proposition DealsHype aims to create an effective and efficient marketing strategy for small retailers to reach out to their target customers through a customizable Continue reading

No Limits

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Value Proposition The existing challenge with baby strollers are that they are generally bulky contraptions that are not easily manoeuvrable. In a city like Toronto, Continue reading


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Value Proposition Coordinating shared work is often challenging and involves many scheduling conflicts. Traditional project management software often require high-level expertise in its intricacies, making Continue reading

Touch Free Technologies

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Value Proposition  Surgeons have an obligation to keep their hands sterile always while in operating rooms. This makes it difficult to access patient information or Continue reading


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Value Proposition The general Ontario health coverage does not include treatment of mild to moderate mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. As such, Continue reading


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Value Propostion For individuals on a budget, traditional grocery shopping imposes many obstacles that prevent them from find the most affordable prices on a time Continue reading

Air Xposure

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Value Proposition Conventional methods in aerial cinematography make it difficult and expensive for filmmakers to acquire desired aerial footage. The combination of helicopter rentals, dollies, Continue reading


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Value Propositon Traditional flashes, strobes and other photographic lighting systems are often too bulky, specialized and expensive for the purposes of experimental and amateur photography Continue reading



Value Proposition While various manifestations of web-based and mobile tools for outdoor navigation, such as Google Maps and GPS have become widely available, there still Continue reading



Value Proposition With the proliferation of digital gaming and other interactive technologies, the short attention span of children concerning schoolwork is a ubiquitous problem. Gaming Continue reading


Cytospan Technologies’ founders Chris and Michael

Chris and Michael approached the Hatchery with a business plan and intellectual property that they were passionate about. Their brilliant idea was to commercialize a Continue reading